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Hartford - Petite Wall - One Line

Hartford - Petite Wall - One Line

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A classic rectangle house number sign, the Hartford will provide a nice upgrade to the curb appeal of your home. Home address plaques also make great gifts for any special occasion.

5 - 2 in characters

Dimensions: 8.75X3.5X0.375

Two week lead time.

Check for accuracy; personalized or custom plaques cannot be modified, cancelled, or returned after being placed.

Elevate Your Home's Curb Appeal with the Hartford - Petite Wall - One Line Address Plaque

Introduce your home to the world of haute couture with the Hartford - Petite Wall - One Line Address Plaque. It's like a designer clutch for your house – small, chic, and packing a stylish punch.

Unmatched Quality and Durability, Made in the USA

Crafted with more care than a helicopter parent's schedule, this petite powerhouse is tougher than your resolution to cut back on coffee. It stands up to weather like a seasoned mailman – rain, shine, or apocalyptic hailstorm, your address stays put.

Classic Design Meets Diminutive Distinction

The Hartford Petite plaque flaunts a clean, rectangular design that's more timeless than your grandma's secret recipe. With space for 5 characters in a dainty-yet-daring 2-inch size, it's like the hummingbird of address markers – small, swift, and impossible to ignore.

Perfect Size for Maximum "Is That Cute or What?" Factor

At a delightful 8.75" x 3.5" x 0.375", this plaque is the bonsai tree of address markers – petite, perfectly formed, and proof that great things come in small packages. It's large enough to guide lost pizza delivery heroes, but small enough that your house doesn't feel like it's wearing an "Hello, My Name Is" sticker.

Easy Installation, Striking Visibility

Mounting this little charmer is simpler than explaining why you need a 12th houseplant. Just pick your spot, grab your tools, and faster than you can say "Where's my reading glasses?", you've upgraded your home's exterior.

Discover the Difference of the Hartford - Petite Wall - One Line Address Plaque

This isn't just an address marker; it's a declaration that you appreciate the finer things in life – like the ability to find your house after a night out. It's for homeowners who know that sophistication doesn't need to shout; sometimes, it just needs to display your house number in style.

Order your Hartford - Petite Wall - One Line Address Plaque today and watch as your home becomes the most elegantly identified residence on the block. With a two-week lead time, you have just enough time to practice your "Oh, this little beauty?" casual gesture.

It also makes a fantastic gift for any special occasion – because nothing says "I care about you not wandering the neighborhood squinting at house numbers" quite like a beautifully crafted address plaque. Just remember to double-check your personalization – unlike your fitness app step count, this isn't something you can fudge without consequences. After all, you want your visitors to find your actual house, not end up at a stranger's surprise birthday party two blocks over!

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