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Hartford - Standard Wall - One Line

Hartford - Standard Wall - One Line

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A classic rectangle house number sign, the Hartford will provide a nice upgrade to the curb appeal of your home. Home address plaques also make great gifts for any special occasion.

5 - 4.5 in numbers

Dimensions: 16X7.25X0.375

Two week lead time.

Check for accuracy; personalized or custom plaques cannot be modified, cancelled, or returned after being placed.

Elevate Your Home's Curb Appeal with the Hartford - Standard Wall - One Line Address Plaque

Transform your home's facade into a beacon of whimsy with the Hartford - Standard Wall - One Line Address Plaque. It's like a monocle for your house – unnecessarily fancy, yet somehow essential.

Unmatched Quality and Durability, Made in the USA

Crafted with more care than a sloth doing yoga, this wall plaque is sturdier than your grandma's fruitcake fortress. It laughs in the face of weather like a duck wearing rain boots – impervious, slightly smug, and ready for anything.

Classic Design Meets Wall Wizardry

The Hartford Standard Wall plaque boasts a rectangular design so clean, it makes soap jealous. With space for 5 numbers in a bold 4.5-inch size, it's like the town crier of the inanimate object world – loud, proud, and slightly medieval.

Perfect Size for Maximum "Is Your Wall Wearing Jewelry?" Factor

At 16" x 7.25" x 0.375", this plaque is the Goldilocks of wall adornments – not too big to be mistaken for a drive-in movie screen, not too small to be used as a coaster for giants. It's just right for catching the eye of passing pterodactyls and time-traveling mailmen alike.

Easy Installation, Striking Visibility

Mounting this wall wonder is simpler than explaining why socks disappear in the dryer. Just pick your spot, grab your tools, and before you know it, your wall will be sporting bling that would make a rapper's teeth feel underdressed.

Discover the Difference of the Hartford - Standard Wall - One Line Address Plaque

This isn't just an address marker; it's a conversation starter for walls that are tired of small talk about paint colors. It's for homeowners who believe their house numbers should be as visible as their neighbor's questionable taste in lawn ornaments.

Order your Hartford - Standard Wall - One Line Address Plaque today and watch as your home becomes the envy of every sentient building in a five-block radius. With a two-week lead time, you have just enough time to teach your house to strike a pose when complimented.

It also makes a fantastic gift for any special occasion – because nothing says "I care about you not getting lost in a parallel dimension where all houses look the same" quite like a beautifully crafted address plaque. Just remember to double-check your personalization – unlike your sock drawer, this isn't something you can mismatch without consequences. After all, you want your visitors to find your actual house, not end up at a doppelganger's tea party in the Twilight Zone!

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