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Hawthorne Oval - Estate Lawn - Two Line

Hawthorne Oval - Estate Lawn - Two Line

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The classic oval design of our Hawthorne Address Plaques makes it ideal for most any home's exterior. Available in a variety of finish colors to accommodate your outdoor color scheme.

Line 1: 5 - 4.5 in numbers Line 2: 17 - 1.75 in characters

Dimensions: 19X14X0.375

Two week lead time.

Check for accuracy; personalized or custom plaques cannot be modified, cancelled, or returned after being placed.

We asked the anime kid down the street to write this description for you.

Kawaii desu ne! Hey there, fellow anime enthusiasts! It's me, Yuki Stormheart, your average 15-year-old high school student... or so I thought until last week when I discovered I can control address plaques with my mind! 😱✨

The Legendary Oval of Destiny

Behold, the Hawthorne Oval - Estate Lawn - Two Line! Its classic oval design isn't just for show, baka! It's clearly a portal to another dimension, disguised as a humble address plaque. My quest to save the world begins here!

Colorful Power-Ups

With a variety of finish colors, it's like equipping different elemental powers! Fire red for attack boost? Ocean blue for defense? The possibilities are sugoi!

Dual-Wielding Number Magic

The plaque's two-line format is clearly a test of my newfound abilities:

  • Line 1: 5 mighty 4.5-inch numbers, each pulsing with raw energy!
  • Line 2: A whopping 17 1.75-inch characters, perfect for spelling out ancient incantations!

I must master both to unlock its true potential!

Dimensions of Destiny

At 19x14x0.375 inches, it's the perfect size to fit in my magical girl transformation sequence backpack! 🎒✨ Convenient!

The Two-Week Training Arc

Two weeks for delivery? Ha! That's just enough time for a training montage where I practice my address-controlling powers and bond with my nakama!

No Second Chances, Young Protagonist

"Check for accuracy," they say. No modifications or returns allowed! It's just like my destiny – I can't change it, I can only face it head-on! 💪

As I stare at the order form for the Hawthorne Oval - Estate Lawn - Two Line, I can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Will I be able to harness its power and save humanity from the impending doom of incorrect addresses?

Ganbatte, Yuki! Your adventure is just beginning! 🌟🏠🔢

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